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FlavourArt Soho -- A Robust RY4 Style Tobacco

Flavour Art’s tobacco flavor Soho is one of the newer tobaccos released by Flavour Art this year.

Manufacturer’s Description:

SoHo is the captivating new eliquid for electronic cigarettes, created to impart an intense, dark, flavour sensation.

Born to seduce those more accustomed to elegant Italian notes, SoHo offers a sumptuous, rich, and delicious experience.

The name SoHo was inspired by the famous New York neighbourhood which is an epitomic union between modernity, History, and multiculturalism, with SoHo’s legendary cast-iron architecture mirroring FlavourArt’s strength and beauty.

Suggested percentage 20%

Soho: It’s delicious. Nice rich, warm, slightly leathery, with a hint of darker leaf tobacco notes, rich nutty notes, combined with hints of caramel and vanilla with a tiny back note of biscuit.  If you like RY4 by Flavour Art, then you will likely enjoy Soho.  When compared to RY4, it is more robust of a tobacco note, not as light as RY4.  Once it steeps it is also a bit on the sweeter side than I find RY4.

I don’t use Soho at the recommended amount.  That is far, far too high for me, especially when blending it with other tobacco notes and flavors.  I prefer it at 4% or 5% when I am blending with other tobaccos and bakery notes.  When I mixed it as a stand alone I went with 15% and found that was a way too much for me.  The rich tobacco turned into a burnt rubber kind of note and it overpowered everything.  But I am also extremely sensitive, so this is not the typical tasting of this flavor.  At 10% it was better. I didn’t get burnt rubber at that level, but the tobacco notes were still too strong for me, and there was a bit of a wet leaf note that I didn’t like.  I reduced down to 8% stand alone and it was perfect.   At 8% it had the right balance for me of tobacco, sweetness, caramel, and vanilla notes with a very light biscuit note at the end of the exhale.

Soho's Negative Flavor Notes

There aren’t much for negatives for Soho, it is one of the best tobaccos I’ve had, aside from my other favorite tobacco from Flavour Art, Ultimate Cam T. The only negative I found was when I used too much for my palate and I ended up with a burnt rubber/wet leaf kind of taste.  This is however me, and not an average taster’s review, so don’t let my sensitivity to off notes discourage you from trying Soho at higher percentages closer to the Mgr suggested amounts.

Useage of Soho in Recipes

Recipe 1 -- SoHo Toasted

%Flavors (All FA)

This recipe idea is not mine originally, another great mixer, Jennifer “Juice Fairy” Winstead first mentioned mixing these flavor notes together as just a two flavor recipes, but her percentages were higher than mine.  From what I understand Shaun Casey, the president of FANA (Flavour Art North America) was actually the one who suggested it to her, so credit for this recipe goes to Shaun.  For me the OG recipe was too much and gave me that wet leaf with too much meringue, so I lowered the percentages until it was more inline with what I normally like for these two flavors.

The meringue adds a lovely toasted and creamy note to the already rather sweet tobacco notes and almost tastes like eating a cookie while vaping Soho as a stand alone.  I quite enjoyed this as a test recipe, though I have to admit I prefer adding more flavors to Soho as you will see in the next recipe.

But if you are looking for a quick shake and vape that tastes good from the get go, and steeps out even better, this is definitely a winner.

Recipe 2 -- Nutty Sweet and Smoky Soho

0.10%Black Fire
0.25%Liquid Amber
0.5%Vanilla Classic

This recipe and a few different variations of it has been my ADV for the better part of a year. Sometimes I leave out the Hazelnut and Liquid Amber. Sometimes I add in 0.25% TFA Brown Sugar. Sometimes I use both Vanilla Classic and Vanilla Bourbon (FA) — 0.25% of each.

For me Soho is sweet, but when blended like this it becomes something else. The Glory adds a bit more nuttiness, and the Black Fire adds that little bit of smoky note that Soho doesn’t have on its own.  This recipe has a heavy sweet Butterscotch note, the Liquid Amber brightens the rich nutty tobacco of Glory and the robust deeper tobacco notes of Soho.

The way that Glory blends with Soho is lovely.  They complement each other very nicely. So if you are a tobacco flavor lover or are looking for a sweet tobacco to test out, Soho is definitely the tobacco I would suggest starting with, and add a little bit of Glory in there as well.  If you are looking for a much lighter tobacco note I would recommend FA RY4 over Soho, as it is much lighter in it’s tobacco notes.

This is a shake and vape recipe if you don’t mind the stronger smoky flavor of Black Fire. Black Fire mellows out after about 3 days steep.  The creams and caramel notes come through more after 1 week.  The marshmallow lends sweetness and a bit of body to this flavor.

I mixed a 500ml batch of this flavor on 10/2 and I am just now getting to the end of that batch.  I love it just as much now as I did when it was fresh.  It stopped any real noticeable changes after about 2 weeks of steeping. Though the color has turned a little more of a rich amber color, the flavors have matured thoroughly at this point.

Recipe 3 -- Pistachio Soho

3.5%FA Soho
0.75%FA Cookie
0.75%FA Meringue
1%TFA Whipped Cream
2%FA Caramel
1%FA Vienna Cream
0.5%FA Pistachio
0.25%FA Oakwood

I didn’t want intense tobacco on this, but I wanted a nice smooth tobacco backdrop with a little bit of mellow cream and sweet caramel and a bit of the nutty pistachio. The oakwood gives it a little more of a woody feel without overpowering any of the other notes. The biscuit flavor blends nicely with the Oakwood and Soho and isn’t full on cookie in this flavor, more of a blending note with the tobacco.

This was a good flavor shake and vape, but the creams start to come through more on day 7, and the nutty notes tone down some.  It’s smooth and a little bit sweet at 7 days.  The flavor doesn’t change dramatically over the next few weeks, but does continue to blend together until it gets to about 4 weeks.

You may want to play around with the percentages to fit your tastes, but the flavors used make a delightful vape.

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