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Flavourart Custard -- Their Italian Custard version -- contains no diketones.

photo credit: Kasia/flickr Custard via photopin (license)

FlavourArt recommends uses between 2% and 3% on most of it’s flavors.

Manufacturer’s Description:
Delicate, vanilla and lemon blends perfectly.

Ahh…Flavourart custard.  It is so many things. Depending on the percentage that it is mixed at will greatly dictate which flavor notes that you get from it.  When used at very low amounts 0.25% – 0.50% you will get a smooth slightly vanilla creamy note that works well when blended with other cream notes, where you don’t want that lemon or serious custard flavor.  Using between 1 and 2% can give you more of an eggy vanilla custard flavor with only the slightest hint of lemon, but the lemon is very slight at this point.  Using over 2% will give you more lemon.  At 3% it is a richer custard flavor but the lemon notes come through rather strong now.  Over 3% and I dislike it.  It is too much lemon that it overpowers the light cream and vanilla notes.  This is not to say other people will taste the lemon as strongly as I do, as I have seen some recipes calling for 5% FA Custard, and somehow it works for that person.  But personally I won’t go over 3% on FA custard.

Flavour Art custard needs at least 3 weeks to steep. 4 to 8 weeks to be fully aged.

Use between 0.25% and 0.5% to add creamy vanilla notes with other creamy flavors.  Add up to 2% for more of a straight forward light vanilla custard with slight eggy notes and a hint of lemon.  3% or more will give you richer custard and eggy notes and a stronger lemon flavor.

FA Custard Negative Flavor Notes

The only real negatives to this custard is less with the flavor itself and more with the American idea of what custard is, ultimately we picture a baked eggy vanilla pudding, not so much the Italian version with the lemon notes and lighter creams.  If you want vanilla pudding with a hint of eggy, but mostly just thick — then you want CAP Vanilla Custard V1.  But if you enjoy the lighter custard flavors, the only negative to this custard is that at higher percentages where you get a really good eggy baked custard you also get too much lemon.  If the custard notes could be isolated from the lemon notes that would be awesome, but it isn’t.  So I find myself using this custard more as a supporting player rather than a main event in most recipes. When I do use it at higher amounts 2% or above, I generally pair it with flavors that are strong enough to combat the lemon notes so I get more custard and less lemon.

Maybe I’m just not a fan of lemon in my custard, but it is a bit of a negative for me with this flavor.  It does pair nicely with strawberry as the lemon notes go well with strawberry flavors.

Recipe 1 -- Baked Banana Custard

2%FA Custard
1.5%FA Vienna Cream
0.35%FA Caramel
0.5%FA Banana
1.5%FA Vanilla Classic
1%TFA Banana Ripe
0.75%TFA Brown Sugar DX
0.5%FA Marshmallow
1%CAP Sugar Cookie V2

This is a diketone free type of custard.  For me the creams are light, smooth and there blended in with the banana flavors.  The banana is not overpowering, or slap you in the face banana, it is sweet and in balance with the cream.  The caramel, brown sugar, and marshmallow all add to body and sweetness, though are not high enough in the recipe to really impact a massive amount of flavor, though some people may be more sensitive to the caramel notes, because I vape them all the time and am just a little overexposed to them.  The caramel, marshmallow and brown sugar add to the “baked” custard kind of flavor.  The vanilla classic is really needed to pull all the creams together and give it more of that custard flavor that is more typical of e-liquids.

Adding a bit of sugar cookie to this was an experiment.  I didn’t want a full out cookie base in the flavor, but I wanted just that little bit of cookie sweetness and added baked kind of notes that a baked custard might actually have.  It worked for me.  I don’t get a distinct cookie flavor from this vape, but it just adds a little something extra to the overall flavor.

An optional addition to this is 0.5% TFA sweetener. I have tried it both ways, and I actually like it with a little extra sweet. It leaves a bit more of a mouth coating with the little added sweetener, but the recipe doesn’t absolutely need it. It is pretty sweet without it.

Not the most amazing flavor freshly mixed.  Just shaken (no heat stirring or vortexing) right away it is kind of bland and the banana is way too upfront.  Heat stirring for 25 minutes open air, the banana notes off gas a bit, and are settled down a little more.  The creams are there, as is the sweetness, but you can tell it needs to age. In both version the off notes that are in the cookie flavor are there and noticeable.

1 week — The creams and banana have had a bit of time to blend and settle in together.  Hand shaken bottle has less caramel notes at this point, is still sweet, and starting to smooth out.  — Heat stirred, caramel baked notes are coming out more, custard and banana are almost balanced.  In both versions the cookie flavor is starting to mellow out and the off notes are almost gone.

2 weeks — The creams and banana are almost where they should be in both hand shaken and heat stirred.  The caramel is more pronounced in the heat stirred giving more of a baked kind of effect and the cookie is almost where it should be, off notes are almost totally gone now, but still slightly more noticeable in the hand shaken bottle.

3 weeks — Heat stirred version is now really good.  The off notes from the cookie have gone, and the cookie is not really a flavor note I could pick out of the overall taste. The caramel, brown sugar mixture has turned more into that baked note, giving the banana a slightly more ripe kind of taste and the creams that hint of baked caramelized note.  The hand shaken bottle still has some cookie off notes that have yet to dissipate.

4 weeks — Heat stirred version is already all vaped. It was good enough to vape the full 30ml recipe in about 3 days, so it didn’t quite make it to 4 weeks.  The banana and cream were perfectly blended for my tastes, and it turned out to be a nice smooth banana-vanilla baked custard flavor.   Now at week 4 the hand shaken bottle is almost to the point that the heat stirred version was at, but it might still need a few more days. Not getting quite the same baked notes yet, though the off notes from the cooke have gone, and the banana and creams seemed balanced.

5 weeks — The hand shaken bottle is now to where the heat stirred bottle was between weeks 3 and 4.  Bottle is now half vaped and I am enjoying it as much as I did the heat stirred bottle.

Recipe 2 -- Peaches and Cream

0.75%FA Custard
1%FA Vienna Crea
0.85%FA Fresh Cream
1%FA Vanilla Classic
1%FA Peach
0.40%FA White Peach
0.25%CAP Yellow Peach
1%TFA Sweetener

I was going for a diketone free peaches and cream flavor.  I find that FA Vanilla Classic really rounds out the custards and cream flavors that Flavour Art has, and can give it a little more of a vanilla pudding kind of note, however without using marshmallow in this it doesn’t have the same fullness that a pudding might have.  I opted more for sweetness with the TFA sweetener, rather than fullness given by marshmallow — though you could feel free to sub the sweetener with marshmallow, it will be good too.

This is a recipe example where Custard is being used as a supporting cream, with sweet vienna cream being the main player with the help from custard and fresh cream…and smoothness added by the vanilla classic.

Immediate testing after hand shaking — it is actually quite good.  The peach is a little more up front and not quite balanced with the creams, but definitely vape-able. Did not mix on heat — unsure of how it turns out with heat added.

1 week — The peach has mellowed out now, the CAP yellow peach adding that little bit of tartness that is missing from FA peach and White peach.  Creams are coming through as sweet and smooth, definitely at the end of the exhale, mostly peach still up front.

2 weeks — Peach and creams seem pretty well balanced now. Peach is still the main player of this recipe, but it has a sweet smooth creamy finish.  Stopping myself from vaping the entire bottle.

3 weeks — Will be finished with the bottle in the next day or two.  At 3 weeks it has turned out smooth and creamy with the perfect amount of fresh peach notes. May add 0.25% of Liquid Amber just to add a little more jammy bright note to it, but it isn’t needed, just something for a slightly different taste.

(These were my old notes on this recipe.  I haven’t mixed this recipe again — mostly because I’ve got a constant rotation of different flavors to mix and recipes to try.  But in finding it again I will likely mix it up here soon. I am thinking of adding in 0.5% FLV persimmons and removing the white peach.  I think it might make for a different flavor profile that might be really nice — might see that recipe version on the Persimmons flavor notes in the coming months.)


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