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A Surprisingly Good Cereal-- Flavorah's Tricks Cereal

Manufacturer’s Description:

This cereal flavor is the sugary, crunchy and fruity puff flavor you would expect… just not for kids. Strong formulation can be mixed at low concentrations for strong and familiar cereal flavors.

Grainy, wheat, corn, cardboard, lemon, nutty, earthy, baked, roasted/toasted grains.

I didn’t get much in the way of fruity notes from this flavor, though I think maybe at lower percentages than what I’ve used might hold slightly more fruity notes, but I think the fruity notes used were very generic types of general fruity molecules without specific berry, grape, or lime notes.  I think for this to be any type of accurate fruity cereal it would need to have fruit flavors added in to the recipe.

That being said, it is a strong very accurate grainy cereal base.  It isn’t straight up wheat based cereal and it’s not straight up corn based, it is somewhere in between.  If you added more Acetyl Pyrazine to it you could probably bring it into the realm of a corn chex or kix type of cereal taste. But if you added FA Meringue and maybe a small amount of INW biscuit you could bring it more into the wheaty types of cereals.

No specific percentages give by the manufacturer. Their general percentages are between 0.5% and 3%.

0.15% – 0.5% — These levels will add the wheaty/grainy/corn/baked notes to a blended recipe.  It may not result in a straight up cereal at these percentages, but it will definitely add those notes to whatever you wanted in a very mellow way.  2 – 4 weeks.

0.75% -1.5% — You are going to get a much more accurate, and dominate cereal base note in whatever recipe you use this amount in.  It won’t be as strong of a cereal flavor, so that other flavor notes may come out more in front of it at this percentage, so if you are looking for a more of a back note or additional profile to accompany another main flavor profile this would be the percentages you would aim for.  Steeping time – 3 – 6 weeks.

2% – 3.5% — I think these are the highest ranges I would go with this flavor. At 2% in my test sample it was almost too much, and needed about 7 weeks to steep out from a harsh and musty tasting cereal flavor.  Once it steeped out the flavor was very authetic, but before it was steep there was massive throat hit and bitter off notes. If you need it to be a main cereal flavor profile with secondary supporting flavors of fruit and creams, I would suggest starting at the 1.75% point and working up to 2.5% to make it a useable recipe. Allow your mixes to steep upwards of 8 weeks when using this percentage range, possibly even longer the higher you go.  When the off cereal notes will not steep out, you will know you have gone beyond the maximum amount of this flavoring for your recipe.

Recipes coming soon. Check back for cereal recipes featuring Flavourah’s Tricks Cereal flavor.

Negative Flavor Notes:

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