Flavor Notes – Flavorah Strawberry Smash

Not what I expected - Flavorah's Strawberry Smash

Manufacturer’s Description:

Flavorah Strawberry Smash

Dynamic and full strawberry notes. Not overly candy in tone, but bright and brilliant enough for a candy flavor. Rich enough to pull down into a custard or cream base.

If you’ve watched the video, my face kind of says it all as I vape this flavor.  It’s not good at all at 3%. Not good at all at 1.5%.  My samples were steeped for 6 weeks and it just didn’t get any better than when it was fresh.

Since I recorded this video I tried adding in 0.1% in with 5% TFA Strawberry Ripe and I could still taste the medicinal strawberry and weird floral notes.  Now it might just be me and my super sensitive nose, and maybe those of you who can’t smell things as strongly as I do won’t mind it because you won’t notice the off notes, but if you are an average smell perception to sensitive smell perception — you may get the off notes from this flavor even at this low of a percentage.  My next test will be with CAP Sweet Strawberry and FLV Alpine Strawberry blend at only 0.05% just to see if I can still taste the off notes and if it changes the flavor of the two of these strawberries combined (which are a good combination on their own.)

After spending quite a bit of time messing with this flavor, I have found due to my sensitive tasting abilities I need to use this flavor super, super low…like 2 drops in a 120ml bottle.  It has alcoholic notes to it still, but they aren’t unpleasant at this amount.  When added with Lime and Sweet Coconut it is actually a nice flavor.  It reminds me of a strawberry daiquiri kind of flavor.  If you are more of an average taster you will likely be able to use a bit more of this without having the off notes I experience, but it is still one you will want to keep pretty low.

As usual, Flavorah doesn’t give suggested usage amount.  The common amount that seems to be around on the internet is between 0.8% and 3%.

Use way, way, way less of this flavor than you would normally with flavorings.  Between 0.02% and 0.25% would be the range I would suggest using it, and even at 0.25% it might overtake a recipe with off notes.

In a 120ml bottle:

  • 2 drops FLV Strawberry Smash
  • 7 drops FLV Lime
  • 10 drops FLV Sweet Coconut
  • 15 drops FLV Sweetness


This simple mix turned out quite nice. I don’t see myself having a ton of recipe possibilities for Strawberry Smash as it is such a finicky type of flavor to work with.  But maybe in the future I will try some flavor bending with it and see if I can pull out some other notes from this flavor that could be useful.

Negative Flavor Notes:

Extremely floral, extremely medicinal, just not good overall when used at anything really higher than 0.25%. In fact in order for me to use it I had to go down to about 0.01%.  So the average taster might be okay with 0.04% to 0.08%.

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