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A Delicious Cake -- Flavorah's Pound Cake

Manufacturer’s Description:

One pound of butter, one pound of sugar, and one pound of flour. It’s as simple as that. Pound cake

As a single flavor e-liquid, it is a smooth, slightly sweet, fluffy, buttery, cakey, with the taste of the outside edges of the cake crust. It is delightful as a vape just on it’s own, but also works as a wonderful creamy, fluffy additive or a main cake flavor in a mix. I don’t think it is quite as dense as a pound cake might be expected to be, but I  quite enjoy the smooth and fluffy nature of this flavoring.

Flavorah does not give suggested percentages on their site, the average around the internet seems to be 1-3%

I’ve revised my thoughts on the flavoring percentages that should be used as I’ve played around more with this flavor and come to understand more about the Flavorah line of flavors.  My initial tests on some of these first flavors I was mixing way, way to high amounts. I now know that these flavors need significantly less flavoring that any of the other mainstream flavoring companies.

These amounts are based on the drop from the Flavorah packed 15ml bottles.

1 – 2 drops per 30ml amount — equals out to approximately 0.012g – 0.023g per 30ml, which would ultimately be around the 0.01% amount.   This will give a nice cake note with the same bright citrus top notes.

3 -5 drops per 30ml amount — equals out to approximately 0.033g – 0.047g per 30mls which would ultimately be around the 0.02% and 0.04% amount.  This amount gives a more dense cake note with a little stronger of a citrus brightness to it, but still more cake than citrus — and it is not like the other citrus based lemon pound cakes, more plain pound cake with a bright note to it.


You could potentially still use it higher as I did in the recipes I posted that are mixed with other flavor company’s flavorings, however if you are mixing with straight flavorah flavorings, you are going to want to use a lot less of it. Even with other flavors you may want to use less, though for best results it seems to work better at extremely low amounts mixed with other Flavorah flavors.  I will add another couple recipes as examples of Flavorah only flavors very soon.

1.056g per 1 ml volume

  • 2.5%    Pound Cake (Flavorah)
  • 1%     Nonna’s Cake (FA)
  • 0.75%  Butterscotch (FA)
  • 0.5%    Cream Fresh (FA)
  • 0.5%    Madagascar (Vanilla Classic) (FA)
  •  0.25% Marzipan (FA)
  • 0.45%  Meringue (FA)
  • 0.25%  Vienna Cream (FA)

I’ve been vaping on this mix for about 2 weeks now.  I wouldn’t say it is shake and vape, but after about 3 days it really comes to life with the pound cake flavor and the creams are starting to smooth out nicely.  Nonna’s Cake is still pretty strong at day 3, but does mellow out even more at about day 7, so if you don’t like quite that strong of a nonna cake flavor, use 0.50% if you plan to vape this within 5 days of mixing it.

At the 1 week point it is even smoother and creamier than it is fresh, though that is more due to the FA creams blending in together even more.

At 2 weeks I say this is fully done, though it will continue to smooth out a little more after that.

If you wish to make an even sweeter cake taste with more of a frosting type of note to it, I would suggest 0.5% or 1% of Sweetener, though this is quite sweet without the sweetener, but if you are used to commercial juice with a heavy sweet taste, you may want to sweeten it with TFA sweetener.


ELR Recipe Page if you are using ELR as your calculator.

  • 2% Pound Cake (Flavorah)
  • 0.75% Guanabana (Flavorah)
  • 0.75% Liquid Amber (FA)
  • 1%  Mango – The Flavor/Perfumers Apprentice
  • 0.5% Nonna’s Cake (FA)
  • 0.5% Vienna Cream(FA)
  • 0.5% Sweetener (Sucralose)(TPA)


This has been a good nearly shake and vape recipe.  I did try it both freshly mix, and then again at day 3.  It really comes alive on day 3 as the Guanabana starts to ripen.  The mango plays more of a backnote to the guanabana, though it does start to come out just a little more after 5 days.  The Pound Cake is enhanced and thickened with the addition of the Nonna Cake, but it is still creamy and smooth.  The little bit of vienna cream adds to a brightness on the creamy notes, and the liquid amber gives this a glaze type of taste to the fruity flavors with the cake background.

I would not suggest using any type of heat on this recipe.  It is best to be just shaken, as heat seemed to bring out some weird notes in the guanabana. I also do not suggest breathing this recipe either. It is best to be mixed and then capped. I would let it sit for 3 days for the best taste, and it will continue to steep for up to 2 weeks with the addition of the FA flavors.

Negative Flavor Notes:

There are no negative tastes with this flavor as long as you don’t go to high with it.  If you go to high it will start to get off tasting in weird cardboard kind of ways.

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