Finding your Bearings in a Sea of Flavor

Are you looking into mixing your own e-liquid?

Have you decided that you want to try your hand at mixing, but you don’t know where to start? Whether you are afraid of the pending FDA changes, trying to save money, or just want to create flavors tailored to your specific palette; I have some suggestions to help plot out the course that is right for you.

Let there be flavors...

In the beginning it can be a bit overwhelming. A lot of new mixers make the mistake of buying a bunch of random flavors that sound good without any basic understanding that they will need to be layered with other flavorings to achieve that epic level of deliciousness they are seeking. Instead the new mixer ends up with a bunch of clashing flavors that they cannot mix into anything that they are happy with. They often times get discouraged when they realize that they need to spend more money right off the bat in order to get a decent recipe. I ran into this issue in the beginning as well. Before I discovered social media groups, I relied heavily on reviews and articles which did not always pan out for me. Even trying to buy flavors with the highest amount of 5 star reviews only helped part of the time. In hindsight, there are things that I would have done very differently. I am writing this in hopes of helping some of the newer mixers save some time, money and frustration.


If the adventure into mixing is to simply save money or you are pressed for time, a great option would be to go with one shots that appeal to your preferences and vaping style. They are easy to use and can have a complex flavor in one bottle. Seasoned mixers have already put the time and experience into these mixes. All that you need to do is add the correct percentage into a base nicotine blend or pg/vg blend, shake, and perhaps let it steep for a few days or a few weeks as needed. You have the opportunity to grab a few different varieties with your initial order and it will get you on a solid foundation for your initial phase of DIY mixing. It is also a good idea to make sure that at least one of your flavorings will be good as a shake and vape so that you do not find yourself limited to juices that need to sit for 2 weeks to a month and find yourself with nothing to vape right away.

If you are more interested in ultimately creating your own recipes, like I was, I would still recommend grabbing a couple of the one shots with your first order and mixing them up for a back up plan.  I am still doing this with my seasonal recipes in case they do not turn out the way that I had hoped. Try to truly focus on which flavors appeal to you. It is also a good idea to try looking up a few recipes from other mixers and buying the ingredients to try them out in addition to a couple of the one shots. The reason for this is that when you just grab flavors that sound good to you individually you can end up with some strange combinations that will not work with each other in the end. So many times I have seen new mixers linking what they ordered and hoping that someone can work a miracle recipe from what they have randomly grabbed. Some times you can work with a couple of the flavors but other times it borders on hopeless. I may like peanut butter and hamburgers, but unless I am pregnant, I am not a fan of combining them.

Searching for your flavor soul...

The reason for the soul searching is so that you have a better idea of the flavorings that you will need to order. If you enjoy bakery vapes you will want to consider flavors like sugar cookie, acetyl pyrazine, cinnamon roll, croissant, vanilla, caramel, icing, perhaps spices or molasses… the possibilities are practically endless. Depending on the type of baked delicacy that you are trying to recreate the list can get quite lengthy. We have not even discussed other profiles such as fruits, custards or tobaccos. Hopefully you are starting to see now why the need to narrow down your tastes are so important. If you know that you like fruits, for example, it will be helpful to know which ones you are interested in specifically. Ask yourself if you prefer things like strawberry, banana, blueberries, kiwi or watermelon for example. Even within one specific flavor there are numerous options. Take Strawberry for example; several popular options are TPA-Ripe Strawberry, CAP-Sweet Strawberry, FA-Red Touch Strawberry, and INW-Shisha Strawberry (just to name a few). So even knowing that you are after a strawberry flavor specifically is only the first step in the right direction. The next step would be to think about whether you prefer a ripe juicy strawberry, sweet strawberry, hard candy, tart or a jam/jellied variety. I am not trying to overwhelm anyone but the more in depth you can get with your preferences, the more likely you will be to get helpful advice and recommendations. Being very specific will in turn help your initial investments yield greater results and prevent a certain amount of frustration. As always… Happy Mixing!

feature photo credit: Charles Patrick Ewing Tulips! via photopin (license)

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